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Memorial Landscape - Berlin Wall

"All the remaining parts of the border installation from between 1961 and 1989/1990 are documented within this interactive Geographic Information System. Based on a detailed survey of 2007/2008, it is supplemented by information on the function of the border elements and by a photo documentation from the years 1988/89, both of which help to demonstrate the extent of the former border installation."

Mauer Museum

"Wandering through our rooms you can also examine original artefacts used during many of the infamous escapes from East Germany - from escape cars, to hot air balloons, from homemade mini-submarines to deceptively hollow surfboards, our permanent exhibition is a testament to the ingenuity of the human mind when faced with perilous circumstances. Alongside the information boards and escape objects, we also showcase work by artists, whose only means of dealing with the existence of this cruel divide was to turn to their art."

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library

"November 9, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the advent of freedom and democracy in Eastern Europe as we know it today ... Today, countless people around the world enjoy greater freedom, more economic prosperity, and better lives as a result of his leadership."

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

"George Bush was very instrumental in bringing the Cold War to an end and the coming down of the Berlin Wall. Above is a section of the actual wall. Below is a display of the major milestones during the Cold War years."

Newseum, Washington, DC

"The Berlin Wall was strong enough to stop a tank, but it couldn´t stop news from getting into East Germany by word of mouth, smuggled messages or radio and television. This gallery tells the story of how news and information helped topple a closed and oppressive society."

520 Madison Ave., New York

"Building amenities include two first-class restaurants, immediate access to Midtown´s subway systems, and a dynamic art program that includes a segment of the Berlin wall permanently on display."

Industrial park, Mountain View, California

"In the corner of a parking lot behind an office building at 2685 Marine Way ... two Berlin Wall sections, each four feet wide and twice as tall, are planted in cement with a short wrought-iron fence surrounding them. A plaque calls the display "A Tribute to American Resolve," and acknowledges the American economic ideals that led to the fall of the wall between Nov. 9 and Nov. 12, 1989."

Food court, Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington

"Considering it trash, a West German businessman bought the slab for a pittance when the city of Berlin gave orders to demolish the wall last winter. Construction companies were crushing the wall to reuse as masonry. At the same time, fast-moving entrepreneurs were busy selling bricks and chips from the wall for souvenirs. Hamburg businessman Achim Becker, who mints rare bullion coins commemorating the reunification, then shipped the slab to Seattle in August to display at the American Numismatic Association´s annual convention."

Wichita, Kansas

"The BERLIN Brats are pleased to announce the acquisition of a section of the BERLIN Wall... and not just some piece of concrete that was scrounged from some construction site, slapped with a little paint, and sold for 10 Euros by a shady Romanian street vendor in BERLIN; but an honest-to-goodness real-life section of the Wall itself!"

Truro, Nova Scotia I

"The Berlin Wall has fallen once more - sort of. The six panels of the former Berlin Wall that have graced a portion of Prince Street since the summer of 2004 have been moved to the Nova Scotia Agricultural College."

Berlin Wall Monuments

"Berlin Wall Monuments can be facilitated anywhere throughout North America with costs ranging from $50,000 to $375,000 depending on the location, landscaping and construction specifications for each site. Upon request, we can work with outside entities to facilitate Monuments anywhere on the planet."

Toronto City Hall

"For a brief period, Toronto´s Cold War connection was missing. Located on the Queen St. side of the middle Freedom Arch that spans the skating rink, it was moved during revitalization construction."

The Wall Net: The Berlin Wall across the world

This website is a serious and ambitious attempt to track the Wall´s post-1989 dispersal globally. Much interesting information and excellent illustrations. Mostly in German currently with an English version in the works.