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On June 29, 2013 there were 89 pieces of the Berlin Wall for sale on eBay. Click on the image to check how many are available today.

Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

Berlin Wall related products available at the Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California.

Bush Presidential Library and Museum

"The purpose of the George Bush Presidential Library Museum Store is to further the educational goals of the Museum by offering educational, historical, and exhibit-related products and provide earned income to support the programs of the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation."

The Patriot Post Shop

"Great Gifts for American Patriots! Quality products at great prices - all purchases promote our Mission of Service to America´s Military Patriots and their families."

"A large original piece of the legendary Berlin Wall, w/certificate of authenticy and a postcard. Pouch comes with 1-3 bricks, colors may vary."

Pawlowski - Der Berlin Shop

"Whole Berlin Wall elements for sell or rent!"

Berlin Wall For Sale

"Celebrate the victory of freedom over Communist tyranny with a genuine piece of Berlin Wall, mounted on a walnut plaque with a brass nameplate and a numbered certificate of authenticity."

"Because I wrote about the Fall of the Berlin Wall, many people have asked me if I have pieces of the Berlin Wall. In Summer 2006, I bought several dozen pieces of the Wall. You can buy a piece of the Berlin Wall."

"These were issued to Time Warner employees following the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The inscription reads: ´This is a remnant of the Berlin Wall, which stood as a barrier against the free exchange of ideas, information and culture. You helped bring this wall down.´ The piece of stone is stamped for authentication."


"Berlin Wall Beer Stein. 3/4 ltr. 11" tall, made by Thewalt. Stoneware, hand-painted relief body featuring the Brandenburg Gate, and Emperor William´s Memorial Church. Very decorative pewter lid containing a piece of the Berlin Wall, with certificate of authenticity."

Fine Art America

Berlin Wall Canvas Art for Sale

Berlin Wall Art Collection

"Using advanced testing methods such as compositional analysis under a scanning electron microscope and petrographic analysis, CTL Group was able to obtain conclusive evidence that the sections were in fact, original pieces of the Berlin Wall."

Outdoor Arts Foundation

"Throughout the years, The Outdoor Arts Foundation has acquired numerous objects d´art from our various projects. While many of these items remain in the permanent collection of the Foundation, some are available for purchase. The following is a list of items currently for sale."

If it´s hip, it´s here

"On July 21st, 2010 three separate lots of German artist Ben Wagin´s decorated Berlin Wall slabs will go up for auction. Given the size and cost of the pieces, corporation, museums and incredibly wealthy individuals with plenty of space in their homes or yards, now have a chance to own a part of history as well as unique and significant art."

Lot 1: 13 Feet Tall Section of The Berlin Wall! FEDERAL RECEIVERSHIP CASE# 12-CV-1996

"On July 2, 2012, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division appointed a federal receiver for all of the assets of the company which owned this section of the Berlin Wall, among other assets. This wall section is an actual full section of the Berlin Wall that has been documented as authentic by the professionals of the Receiver. The documentation is accessible on the documents section of our website."

Section of Berlin Wall in public auction at Suwanee City Hall

"Whatever the winning bid is, that´s what it will sell for," said Jeb Howell, owner of Auction Management Corp., and in charge of the auctioning process. "Whether it sells for $5,000 or $100,000 - more or less - I just can´t say," he said.

Sold for $25,850.00

"Own this 12´ tall, 8000 lb section of The Berlin Wall. Now in front of Suwanee, Georgia City Hall. Sells to the high bidder on May 25th at a live webcast auction."

Portion of Berlin Wall auctioned in Georgia

"WSB Radio reported the 12-foot, 8,000-pound chunk of wall ended up in the hands of an investment company that authorities say bought it with money bilked from dozens of investors. The concrete slab was seized as an asset by federal authorities."

Berlin Wall Art For Sale: History Under Hammer As ´Artists Of Freedom´ Hits Paris Auction

"Pieces of the Iron Curtain´s most iconic symbol, the Berlin Wall, are being put up for auction in Paris after being decorated by some of the world´s top artists."

Des sections du Mur de Berlin revisitees par des artistes aux encheres

"Quarante-huit sections du Mur de Berlin sur lesquelles des oeuvres uniques ont ete realisees par des artistes internationaux comme Sol Lewitt, Buren, Arman et Bulatov, seront vendues aux encheres le 6 juin, a Paris, a annonce la maison de ventes Pierre Berge & Associes"