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NBC News - Nov. 6, 2009

"To mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we asked readers to tell us how they had managed to obtain their own piece of the historic barrier."

Berlin Wall Murals Face Threat Of Demolition - Feb. 28, 2013

"The area is known as the East Side Gallery, an 0.8-mile stretch of the iconic monument covered in over one hundred designs by international artists, including a controversial painting of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and German politician Erich Honecker locked in a passionate embrace. But this portion of the wall stands in the path of the city´s ongoing gentrification efforts and is set to be dismantled to make way for a block of luxury apartments."

Plan to uproot Berlin Wall memorial to make way for luxury condos sparks protests - Mar. 2, 2013

"Hundreds of angry protesters on Friday prevented construction workers from removing a section of one of the few remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall, part of a plan to build a road to a new luxury condominium being built on the banks of the reunited city´s Spree river."

Alle wollen die Mauer - Mar.4, 2013

"Tausende Menschen demonstrieren am Sonntag fr die East Side Gallery. Auch die Politiker sind sich parteibergreifend einig. Kritik gibt es nun an Bezirksbrgermeister Franz Schulz (Grne)."

David Hasselhoff adds voice to Berlin Wall protests - Mar. 4, 2013

"The US actor, who is adored by fans in Germany after his 1989 performance of his song Looking for Freedom on top of the Wall, told his Twitter followers that he would sign a petition opposing the demolition of a section beside Berlin´s East Side Gallery to make way for a bridge leading to a block of flats."

In Berlin, a Protest to Keep What Remains of the Wall - March 4, 2013

"In November 1989, the Berlin Wall opened, and soon after was being torn to pieces by jubilant crowds from both sides. Almost a quarter of a century later, Berliners again took to the streets over the wall only this time to protect what is left of it."

Opposition mounts to a plan building condos over remnants of the Berlin Wall - March 6, 2013

"Flash mobs of noisy demonstrators have managed to stop a private developer from removing sections of the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall, at least for now. But the ongoing dispute over whether to shift a 23-metre section of the longest remaining piece of the wall to make way for new condos and offices runs much deeper than the wall´s shallow foundations."

Part of Berlin Wall protesters wanted preserved demolished in pre-dawn action - March 27, 2013

"Police officers guarded a construction site and sections of the East Side Gallery, while parts of the former Berlin Wall are removed in Berlin, Germany on March 27, 2013."