Links - artists

Hartmut Jahn

Prior to 2009 Hartmut Jahn travelled the world to photograph sites of Berlin Wall slabs outside of Berlin, which resulted in the exhibition, "The New Owners of the Berlin Wall".

Lars Laumann

"[The film] ´Berlinmuren´ (2008) centers on a highly unusual relationship: the love affair between Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer and the Berlin Wall."

Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir is the artist most associated with the painting of the Berlin Wall. According to his website, he is said to have produced the largest concrete painting in the world; The Berlin Wall. The thumbnail is from one of his paintings on the stretch of the Wall known as the East Side Gallery, Berlin.

Stephanie Syjuco

Titled ´The Berlin Wall, 2008 - ongoing´, Syjuco describes her project as follows: "This ongoing project involves a constant search for fragments of the "Berlin Wall" wherever I go. I attempt to find what I believe to approximate the look and feel of pieces of this iconic structure." Go to her site for a full description of this project.

Hiromi Tsuchida

´The Berlin Wall´ was first published by Hiromi Tsuchida in 1999 and examined the visual impact of the removal of the wall from its original sites ten years after it came down.

Irina Werning

Irina Werning´s project ´Back to the Future´ takes vernacular photographs and re-stages them as authentically as possible - except that the individuals in the pictures have aged. In 2011 she re-staged one photograph taken at the site of the crumbling Berlin Wall in 1990.