Blake Fitzpatrick, PhD


Blake Fitzpatrick holds the position of Professor in the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University where he is the Graduate Program Director, of the Documentary Media (MFA) program.

A photographer, curator and writer, his research interests include the photographic representation of the nuclear era, visual responses to contemporary militarism and images of disaster in landscape photography.  He is a member of the Critical Topography Research Group at Trent University and the Atomic Photographers Guild, an international group of photographers dedicated to making visible all aspects of the nuclear era.

Fitzpatrick has exhibited his photo-based work in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe, including exhibitions at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and recent group exhibitions with the Atomic Photographers Guild in Australia, Switzerland and the United States.  His curatorial projects examine the work of contemporary artists who respond to war and social conflict and include War at a Distance (co-curated with Roger Simon and Karyn Sandlos); Disaster Topographics; and The Atomic Photographers Guild: Visibility and Invisibility in the Nuclear Era. He is presently co-curating an exhibition of the work of Arthur Goss, Toronto’s first official photographer with John Bentley Mays for the Ryerson Image Centre. His writing and visual work have appeared in the journals Public, Topia, History of Photography, Fuse Magazine and in the anthology The Cultural Work of the Photograph in Canada (McGill–Queen’s University Press, 2011).