Blake Fitzpatrick & Vid Ingelevics

Sites: Reagan Library I

Simi Valley, California


Blake Fitzpatrick & Vid Ingelevics


"On April 12, 1990, President Ronald Reagan stood next to a 6,338 pound, 9 ½ foot tall piece of the Berlin Wall that had just arrived for display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. With colorful graffiti featuring a large butterfly on its “West” side and the stark grey concrete showing on its “East” side, President Reagan remarked:

'Let our children and grandchildren come here and see this wall and reflect on what it meant to history. Let them understand that only vigilance and strength will deter tyranny.'

Since receiving the Wall, President Reagan’s wish has come true – millions of visitors, including hundreds of thousands of school children, have visited the Wall at the Reagan Library and learned its lesson of freedom and democracy for all.

While visiting the Library, we encourage you to spend some time at the Wall and, as President Reagan requested, reflect on what you think it meant to history."

Above statement from the Reagan Foundation website.

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